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Does your music truly compete?

Today's music industry is a completely different playing field than it used to be. Whether you're a major record label or an independent music artist, today you have just one chance to grab a listener's attention and get them to click "Buy Now" or “Add To Playlist.” What is the most important ingredient in capturing someone? THE SOUND. Unless you can compete sonically with the best of the Billboard Top 100, you're letting customers slip away. Human beings remember the most important, defining moments of their lives through music… will your music even be remembered?

Proper audio mastering of your music is the key to success.

Cphonic Online Mastering is an online mixing and mastering recording studio located in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC area, designed to give your music the competitive edge you need in today's world. Created by producer-engineer Kevin McNoldy, Cphonic provides audiophile, high-end online music mastering engineering for audio CD, online releases, film sound, podcasts, and television sound. Unlike most mastering studios that only offer a finished snippet of your song to test their services, or algorithm-based ‘automatic mastering’ companies that send you a generic MP3 result, Kevin approaches things differently. In fact, we're so confident you'll love our online mastering that we guarantee it completely:
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Send us a song, and we'll master it for free.

Start to finish, Kevin will fully master your entire song, and hand you the high-resolution final version. Sell it online, make money with it, we encourage it! We don't offer one minute samples or dumbed-down robot algorithm results; we give you the real thing, mastered by a human being using the finest analog and digital equipment available. Why? Because hearing your own mastered music versus your original mix is the only comparison that truly matters. If you've never tried us before, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Ready now? Upload your music or Contact us with any questions. Click over to Step 2 for our rates.

Once you’re happy with your free master, here’s our rate:

To fully finish your project with Cphonic Online Mastering, you'll pay just $75 per song. Want to save even more? Sign up for our email newsletter list and you'll get an instant 20% off that rate, so your total is $60 per song. Once you're "in the loop," you receive this discount FOR LIFE. You can get the major label sound for which so many artists have chosen Kevin, without spending your life savings. Ready to save 20%? Sign up for our newsletter.
That’s an unheard of price for professional audio mastering with a multi-platinum-selling engineer! $60 per song with no hidden fees, and a free song upfront. Take a look at Kevin’s credits, testimonials, and press page, and you’ll see why this is the best deal in the industry. Then contact us or upload your music to get started.

Recent Testimonials

Kevin's mastering skill and technical level is as good as it gets. He gets it perfect, on time, and on budget.
Producer-Engineer Tim Coons, President of Cheiron Records
Our one chance to impress worked because of Kevin McNoldy. He is now a part of my team for the long-haul.
Singer-Songwriter Ashley McMillen
It was great working with Kevin. He was always very into the project. He is very worthy of confidence.
Singer-Songwriter Gilbert Engle
Kevin McNoldy is a one of a kind audio engineer who is very passionate about his work. Mastering quality is superb.
Engineer-Songwriter Robbie Kirsch
With a stellar sound, quick turnaround time, and ease of communication, Kevin did a great f&@%ing job.
Engineer Jack Gray of the band The Old Fourth
The sound was literally comparable to (or better than) anything on the radio or coming out of major record labels.
Singer-Songwriter Julie Bernstein
The results were fabulous and my new CD really shows the care he puts into his work.
Singer-Songwriter John Tracy
Kevin is a person of character, and an expert at what he does. I am truly honoured to have been able to work with him and would love to continue doing so.
Composer Gregory Tan
Kevin respects the original work, yet adds great value to the end product, which is what an artist wants from a mixing and mastering engineer.
Singer-Songwriter Gordon Duthie
His professionalism and reputation are unsurpassed. Kevin and Cphonic Mixing and Mastering are on point, on time, on budget, and on my list for my future projects.
Singer-Songwriter Sue Harlow
From the first contact, Kevin was warm, professional, and so incredibly easy to work with. He was encouraging and responsive and I couldn't imagine feeling more satisfied with the end result!
Composer Amy Scurria

Recent Projects

Below, you’ll find links and videos to just a few of the thousands of projects that Kevin has produced, engineered, mixed, and / or mastered over the years. From Dave Matthews, to Howie D of The Backstreet Boys, to Mary Chapin Carpenter, to Sissy Spacek, to virtually every major record label, he’s worked with tons of artists! See the Past Work and Testimonials pages for even more, and see Kevin’s Bio for more details on his career. And, scroll further down for information on Kevin’s work outside of mastering: mixing, production, training, and more. You can also read more details on why Cphonic is the best choice for your audio mastering needs.

What makes Cphonic different from other mastering studios?

#1 Experience 
#1 is owner Kevin McNoldy's 30 years of experience (Dave Matthews, Backstreet Boys, Seven Mary Three, Parachute, virtually all the major labels, and thousands more) as a multi-platinum music producer, recording engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. Kevin's proven track record of successful productions and signed artists over the years means he is able to bring out the best in your songs.

The mixing and mastering engineering stage of a project is critical… would you trust it to an engineer without a production background, or someone who has never played an instrument on an album?

Would you trust your auto repair to a mechanic who has never driven a car?


#2 Education 
#2 is Kevin's education. His degree from Berklee College of Music and long history of major recording studio facility builds gives him the unique perspective of designing, constructing, and wiring Cphonic himself, to the absolute highest standards (Kevin previously built successful recording studios in Los Angeles, Nashville, Florida, and Virginia. His last commercial facility, Crystalphonic, [designed by acoustic expert Roger D’Arcy of the RA Design Group of London], was one of the largest and most well-equipped studios ever created on the East Coast).

This is enhanced by an incredible world-class mastering equipment collection
(including one of the few custom-built Aria-upgraded one-inch two track Ampex ATR-102 analog tape machines in the USA) and absolutely perfect acoustics.

Would you let a doctor without an education, or the proper tools, perform surgery on you?

Your music is no different… whether it requires a delicate touch or major reconstruction, your songs need the knowledge of someone who has designed, built, equipped, and operated multi-million-dollar studios to make it shine.


#3 Our Offer 
#3 is the Cphonic offer, the best in the industry for world-class mastering, with a full song mastered for free to prove our work and absolutely no strings attached. There simply is no better pricing or upfront proof of quality offered from any other mastering studio!


Need Mixing, Production, or Training?

Need Mixing? 

You'll get the best rates in the industry matched with Kevin's proven track record as a top mixing engineer. Contact Us for the mixing rate, which includes discounts and caps for longer projects. The projects displayed on the website state what role Kevin played (music producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer), and many are more than just mastering. Take a listen via the links, then Contact Cphonic to discuss your project. Another industry-first offer: If we mix your song, you get mastering for FREE. Whether it's a single or a full album, every song we mix gets free mastering.


Need Production? 

Every year, Kevin picks a few artists to work with as a producer, and these are usually projects he ends up co-writing on. With singles that have hit the final stage of The Grammys for the last three years in many categories, and multiple awards for his work, his track record speaks for itself! Since the beginning of his career, his productions have sold many millions of copies, and have been featured in major films and television shows. Please Contact Us if you’re looking for production! And, there is another industry-first offer attached to any of Kevin’s productions—for any singles or albums he produces, both the mixing and mastering are included for FREE.


Need Training? 

Need to improve your tracking skills so your arrangements translate better? Need help with mixing so you can get a radio-ready sound? Or do you need training on a specific piece of software? Kevin has been training clients for many years with one-on-one sessions and online webinars via the Zoom App, which lets you see his computer screen and hear the audio as he walks you through any training you need. From Avid Pro Tools to PreSonus Studio One workstations, to engineering and mixing knowledge, he can improve your skill level and get your productions sounding excellent! Contact Us for more information.


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